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1. General provisions

Your access, as well as the use of the website "TeleSrbija" (available at the web address, hereinafter: "we", "Website", "TeleSrbija"), owned by Milan Kragujević (hereinafter "Owner") is subject to the following Terms of Service and applicable laws governing this area. By accessing and using the Website, you accept, without limitation, the following Terms of Use.

If you do not accept the conditions below, in full, without limitation, please leave the Website immediately.

2. Content ownership

The Website and all texts, logos, graphics, images, audiovisual material and other material on the Website (hereinafter: the Content) are the copyright and property of the Owner or are placed on the Website with the permission of the owner or authorized right holder.

The content on the Website is published for personal use by the User. Any other use of the Content, which is not for personal use, and especially for commercial purposes, without the written permission of the Owner is strictly prohibited. You may not reproduce, publicly display, sell / charge access to or license the Content or any portion thereof without the prior written permission of the Owner.

The owner protects his copyright, intellectual property rights and other related rights, as well as other rights, to the fullest extent permitted by law, including criminal prosecution.

3. Your use of the Website

Material on the Website may contain inaccurate data or typographical errors. Changes to the Website may occur periodically, at any time, and without prior notice. The owner does not undertake to and is not required to regularly update the information contained on the Website. Also, the Owner does not guarantee that the Website will function without interruptions or errors, that any errors will be corrected in a timely manner or that the Website is compatible with your hardware or software. The information provided on this Website should not be construed as decision advice of any kind.

4. Disclaimer

Use the website at your own risk. The Owner is not liable for material or non-material, direct or indirect damage resulting from the use or that which is in any connection with the use of the Website or its Content.

5. Links to Internet sites of third parties

The Website may contain links to other sites whose publisher is not the Owner. Such links are provided solely to provide you with as much information as possible. The Owner does not control and is not responsible for the operation, content, privacy policy or security of these sites. The Owner does not control the content or products or services available on these sites. If you establish a link to such sites via a link on our Website, you do so at your own risk and without the consent of the Owner.

6. The right to use information obtained from users

All information received by the Owner from the users of the Website (including but not limited to: personal data, comments, ideas, questions, and other types of data) is not considered confidential information, except when and to the extent expressly provided by law. The Owner may disclose, reproduce and use such information in whole or in part, for any purpose and without limitation, except as required by law.

7. Software available on the Website

The intellectual property rights and other rights to any software available for download from the Website, including program code that is an integral part of the Website and is implicitly downloaded to the user's device and executed when visiting the Website (hereinafter "Software"), belong to the Owner. Your use of the Software is subject to the terms of the license agreements that accompany or are included with the Software. The owner does not accept responsibility for the content of the rules of use or other documents included in the Software or accompanying it. You may not download, install, run or use the Software if you do not agree to such license agreements. Do not visit the Website i you do not agree with the stated conditions. When you download or run the Software from the Website, you do so at your own risk.

8. Access authorization

The content on the Website is intended solely for the purpose of reading by a real person. Automated access to the content of the Website, or any other type of automated, unauthorized or undesirable access, is considered an unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is restricted by technical methods of access control. Automated collection of the content of the Website is prohibited. Access to the content is allowed only in the spirit of good intentions of the visitor, and may be terminated at any time, without notice, and without the possibility of appeal. The Owner reserves the right to restrict access to any part of the Website or in whole, for any reason or no reason, at any time, for a limited or unlimited time, at its discretion. The Owner also reserves the right to serve incomplete or incorrect content to agents who access the Website without authorization (or which otherwise represent undesirable or automated access), or modify the content of the Website in any other way, for the purpose of deterring automated or other undesirable access, especially for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: data collection, storage, processing, indexing, compiling, duplicating, distributing, etc.

9. Privacy Policy

TeleSrbija respects the privacy of all users of the Website and protects the personal data of users. Please also read the Privacy Policy carefully to find out what data we collect and process, the basics of processing the data we collect, and how we protect the information you provide to us.

10. Changes to the Content and Terms of the Website

The owner reserves the right to modify or withdraw any part or all of the website at any time without prior notice to the user. As it is technically impossible to notify the User of any changes to the Terms of Service or other documents (including the Privacy Policy of the Website and partner networks), the User will automatically be bound by the new Terms of Service contained in the changes. uses.

Last change: 25/08/2021