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Privacy Policy

1. General provisions

This document defines the terms of relation, in the context of collection, storage and processing of data, and the privacy and secrecy of that data, between you (the user, hereinafter "you", "User", "visitor") and the web site "JZ.RS" (available at the web address, hereinafter: "we", "Website", "JZ.RS"), owned by Milan Kragujević (hereinafter "Owner").

The privacy of the users of the Website is of great importance to us and with this Privacy Policy we want to fully inform you about the ways and bases of processing and storage of your data, as well as measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.

On this Website we collect a very small amount of your data in anonymized form, as well as certain personal data with your explicit consent, which you can withdraw at any time, after which your data will be deleted within 30 days.

2. Data collection

If you use the Website, you accept that your data is used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The Owner will use personal data only in a manner that is in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected or for which you as our user have given your consent, in accordance with all applicable laws and other regulations in Serbia and the EU.

3. Data being collected, basis of processing, automatic profiling

The Owner automatically collects certain information from users which are not considered personal information because they cannot be used to reveal the users' true identity.

Certain data that can be considered personal data is collected by the Owner from users who decide to share the specified data, with express and informed consent. This information is considered confidential and will not be displayed, published, disclosed or sold to third parties.

The Owner collects data from users, performs processing and automatic profiling on the following bases:

[1] - Data sharing with CloudFlare and hCaptcha partners — CloudFlare Privacy Policy, hCaptcha Privacy Policy

[2] - Data sharing with partners MK AFPA, Google Analytics — MK AFPA Privacy Policy, Google Privacy Policy, Google Data practices for Analytics

4. The right to inspect, modify and delete your data

If you want to request access to personal data, their correction, addition or deletion, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (Zakon o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti, ZZPL) for citizens of Serbia, or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU residents, you can contact us as follows:

You can download the ZZPL Request Form on the website of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

It is noted that we are only able to influence the data that is stored and processed on our servers, and not the data that is processed by partners and related parties. In order to exercise your rights over data not processed by JZ.RS (or the Owner), it is necessary to contact the services listed in Article 14.

The deadline for response is 15 days and the deadline for the realization of a properly sent Request is 30 days.

5. Data discovery

If at any time we are obliged to disclose the collected data to a third party, based on a court decision and in accordance with the law, you will be notified in a timely manner, unless the court order contains a secrecy mark or a ban on notifying the user, or if it is technically impossible to inform the user on disclosure of their data to a third party.

The Owner undertakes that all your data collected through analytics software, server logs, forms and e-mail communication will not be displayed, transferred, rented or sold to third parties, except in the ways defined in this Privacy Policy (Article 3). The collected data will not be published (unless there is the consent of the user, or such a possibility is defined in this Privacy Policy) or misused in any way.

The Owner may from time to time publish general information to third parties (number of visitors to our site, interest of visitors - eg. "most users have visited the XYZ article in the past 7 days", main content sources - eg. "social networks, Google search", etc. .), but will never include information by which individuals could be identified.

6. Use of "Cookies"

Like most sites on the Internet, the Website uses cookies. More information about Cookies can be found at the following link: Cookies and You.

We use Cookies exclusively in order to provide you with a better user experience and to adapt the content to the interests of our visitors, through statistical analysis of traffic and user behavior on the Website.

7. Analytics and partners

The Portal uses the services of partners for the purposes of visit analysis - Google Analytics, MK AFPA - and attack protection - CloudFlare, hCaptcha. You can find the privacy policies of these services at the following links:

In addition to the above, certain data that cannot be personally used to personally identify users, and that is automatically collected for the purposes of visit analysis and/or technical protection against attacks, may be collected and/or processed by other partners, which are listed in Article 14.

8. Newsletter

When subscribing to our newsletter, you need to provide us with your Email address, which we will keep in continuity, and which we will not share, disclose or sell to third parties, other than Twillio SendGrid [3]. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time - at which point your Email address will be deleted from our system [4].

[3] - We use the services of Twillio SendGrid to send newsletter emails, as such your data, including Email address, is shared with Twillio and processed further according to Twillio SendGrid's Privacy Policy.

[4] - In some cases your data may remain as backups for up to 1 year, and as stored by the service Twillio SendGrid as a technical partner according to the aforementioned SendGrid Privacy Policy.

9. Social networks

The Owner uses the services of certain social networks on which the Website has a presence in order to advance business interests and improve communication with users.

If you access the services of the Website via the social network Twitter, read the Twitter Privacy Policy.

If you access the services of the Website via the social network Facebook, read the Facebook Data Policy.

10. Children under 13 years of age

The Website is not intended for children under 13 years of age. If you are under 13, leave the Website immediately and tell your parents or guardian about visiting the Website.

11. Data security

The owner does everything in his power to keep the data he uses and processes safe. The data is stored on servers in Serbia and the EU, protected by the most modern methods of technical and physical protection against unauthorized access. Data is processed on computer systems in Serbia and the EU. Data is also stored in the form of encrypted backups on servers and computer systems in Serbia, the EU, the US and Australia, as well as on the cloud backup service Backblaze B2 [5].

[5] - For more information about data security, privacy and integrity, please read the Backblaze Privacy Policy and Backblaze Data Processing Addendum (including International transfers for users residing in the EU and EEA).

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Owner reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any change becomes valid after its publication on the Website at As it is technically impossible to inform the User about the change of the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or other documents, it is advisable to visit this page from time to time and read the Privacy Policy to be aware of any changes. If you continue to use the Website and Services after any change, it is assumed that you agree to the changes and accept them as valid.

13. Additional information and questions

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

14. Appendix: List of partners that collect, store or process User data

Last change: 30/06/2021